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Once a year chance!! Every March I start a new round of group sessions!
Do you want a year of transformation without leaving your sofa?
Group Sessions started 25th March:
You can still join in!
Do you want to improve your relationships? Have deeper, more meaningful connections? With yourself & others?
And want some support along the way too!
We are all busy! Right? Finding time to go see a therapist is a treat squeezed into our busy schedules.

With group healing, you can enjoy sessions when you have time... and from the comfort of your own home. The sessions are online and available whenever you want them - 24 hours a day!

The sessions fit beautifully into your schedule as you can listen when you like. And you can listen to them multiple times to deepen the healing.

Plus you have the energetic support of the group all year long! The more people who join in... the bigger the shifts! Plus me here to hold your hand through the bumps of life.
"Even today when am feeling melancholy I am getting comfort that there is tomorrow’s session to look forward to and the group connection to hold onto which gives me strength in the depths of a moment of feeling huge loneliness..." EW 2019
Do you long for deeper relationships?
Common Blocks
We are all human (I think!?) so we are all on the human journey. Now, this is not always an easy one! There are going to be bumps along the journey. And we often all come across the same bumps in life... often people are having common struggles. We think it is just us... but it isn't always.

I Really Didn't Love Myself
Turn back the clock 15 years ago and I really didn't like myself, with only a little bit of love for me. I blocked people out. I got into bad relationships. On the outside I may have looked OK but inside I felt lost.

There is another way!
At the end of the day "all you need is love" eh! Love of ourselves & the ability to love others deeply.
Loving Ourselves!
The quickest route to an easier life is through our ability to accept, love & be honest with ourselves.

In these sessions we will look at these common struggles, we will clear the blocks holding us back from being more of what we are! Awesome!

I want to share this work as it helped me come into myself & learn to love me, with more people... I am on a mission to help others to get out of their pain (emotional/spiritual...) and live easier lives based in love!
I am so passionate about group sessions & the power of the group energy!
We are all human beings, on a human journey... so we all have common issues & pain.
I don't know about you but I have done a tonne of training courses, read 100s of books, had lots of healing sessions... some were great, some were ok, and some were terrible! I didn't always get value from what I was investing my time & money in!

With everything I offer, I try and give simple tools & awesome products which make massive shifts for people. I listen to what people like, don't like... and use the feedback to give massive value.

I also take all the 1000s of hours of training courses, sessions & lessons I have had - and sift through everything to ensure you get the gems.

Have you ever noticed if you are on a course and the trainer starts working with someone you get ah-has & shifts from watching them? You get benefits too! Well this is the beauty of group work... we can all benefit from coming together.

And the awesome thing is...

When we come together we can change things. The group energy & the group dynamic support bigger shifts for everyone.

Sometimes you just don't get into some of these things in a 1-2-1 session! You need the group energy to get in there.

It was seeing the ongoing work my clients were seeing from the group sessions I did which made me realise how valuable the group work is.
Eloise Ansell
My name is Eloise & I have been supporting people as a therapist since 2008.

I have clients all around the world who I work with one-to-one, and in groups. Plus I have travelled around Europe teaching intuition tools, as well as on-line courses.

My background is varied! I have worked in IT, online gaming, telecoms... I am also a trained NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach & trained in lots of different healing modalities!

I love dancing, cuddles & squeezing as much fun into life as possible :D

Want to know more about me & why I am doing these?
Listen to the audio here...
Ongoing support through the tough times in life...
News flash: life isn't always a bed of roses! We all have bad days.

It's raining outside, it is cold. You're lying in bed feeling too exhausted to move, you just want to release the pain you feel. Maybe clear your emotional pain!?

Having the group sessions there for you whenever you need a pick-me-up can be a great resource to fall back on in times of need. There is always a session, or some resource in my membership area to support you. And of course it is all there day & night.

Plus receiving regular healing sessions throughout the year is just such an ongoing clearing.

The best thing is you can listen on the go or in the comfort of your own home!

And yes you can listen in your PJ's, with a big fluffy blanket and a cup of tea!
Just imagine what could shift in a year!? How your life could change. Deeper relationships. Feeling more content. Who knows! The options are endless for how you could transform!
2019 Group Sessions
Started Monday 25th March
Two group sessions every month plus many bonuses...
24 healing sessions, 12 meditation sessions, plus group connection
What is included with the Group Sessions?
2 Monthly Healing Sessions
Each month you will receive two group sessions, which you can listen to when convenient for you.

You will receive an email telling you the session is in the members area (where I store everything!) and you can go in an access & listen to the audio when you like. And again, and again... they will be there forever!

I will tune into the group needs, wants plus taking into account what is happening in the universe too (! there is always a lot going on) to tailor exactly what is needed for that time.
Access to 2015 Group Sessions
All the 12 sessions from the 2015 sessions are available in the members area.

So you can start today and jump in to listening to some past sessions. Just pick one which resonates, or start from the beginning.

The way I do sessions has evolved a lot, but there are still of massive value!
Free resources in the Membership Area
The members area is where I put everything!

You will find all the sessions you have paid for there, plus lots of other resources & links to cool things. Things which I think will be of interest to you.

Old webinars, interviews, meditations... there is a lot tucked away in there to explore! Plus I add things throughout the year.
New bonuses for 2019 sessions! Super excited about these...
Monthly group meditation session
Monthly Meditation Sessions
This is a little experiment I want to test out!

We are always being told we should meditate & yes we can all sit quietly at home & do that... but I am curious what would happen if we meditate together!?

So once a month I will pop online and meditate with the group - or whoever shows up. I will also video it in case you can't join live! I will hold the space for more shifts as we explore what is possible together in the group energy!
Community - optional!
Group Facebook Page
I have resisted this in the past... but lots of you like to connect with the group physically (as such!). So this year I am trialling having the opportunity for you to join me & the group on Facebook (love it or hate it - it is useful!). Giving you all the opportunity to connect, share with each other!
Also I will add cool things relating to the sessions there throughout each month :D
Q&A time
Facebook Q&A
The other bonus of having a Facebook group page is that I can hop on and answer your questions!
I will hop on the group regularly to connect with you all.
If you are all really super active, with loads of questions I can do audios/videos to answer all the questions & feedback to the conversation. I will be on at least once a week.
Free Access to May Mini Series
Plus Free Access to May Mini-Series
Those of you who have followed me for a while know I do a few group mini-series's over the year from time to time.
I have a few planned for this year!
But sign up for the group sessions & you will get the series coming out around May time (topic undecided yet) for free!
I am squeezing so much into the bonuses this year, so you can get the most from the sessions and have a greater level of transformation over the year. All included in the monthly fee.
Save up to £108 if you sign up now...
Earlybird rate till 11th March
If you don't enjoy the first group session? Ask before 1st April and get a full refund!
Try the session during the first week & if you don't enjoy it email me and ask for a refund.
Want to join me?
I would love to have you as part of the group.
These sessions really are a wonderful addition to any self-development or healing work you receive.

If you have the slightest feeling you might like to join in... sit and see if the group sessions feel light or heavy for you? And if they feel light you have your answer :D

I hope you can join me (and us) on this year of transformation. I wonder what your world will look like in a years time?

Eloise Ansell
Here’s A Recap Of
When you join the 2019 Group Sessions
  • I tried to work out what all of this is worth!?  ...
  •  2 group sessions every month (£300 Value)
  • Access to the membership site & goodies (£200 Value)
  • Monthly group meditation session (£400 Value)
  • Free access to May's mini-series (£80 value)
  • Access to the 2015 sessions (£100)
  • Community (Priceless!)
  • Q&A & dialogue with Eloise (£200 Value)
  • And anything else I think of doing throughout the year!
Total Value around: £1,280
All this for only: £300
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