11 Keys to Upgrade Your Intuition

The fastest way to upgrade your intuition so you can make confident decisions fast without the "ummmm", "ahs" and "WTFs" of a confused mind. Get closer to a vibrant, authentic life from the comfort of your bed with my 11 keys to upgrade your intuition mini-course.

100% of people have intuition,
but do you find it easy to access & use it daily?
The one thing I have learnt over the years of supporting people to upgrade their intuition... we are all intuitive!
We all knew that right?
So why do most people continue to struggle in life?
Feel lost and confused by what to do next?
Are you stuck in your head, stuck analysing and logicalling life? (yes I make words up!)

Maybe it is time to access the gift you have had all along which can help you "sat nav-up" your life?
So what gets in our way of accessing this inbuilt genius decision tool?
The answer... well you may have guessed... it is YOU!
And no it isn't your fault!

Our schooling system, society, the media... they have all influenced us to believe the answers are outside of ourselves. When all along the answers have been inside us! We always know what to do, and the next best move for us to make. Unfortunately, most of us spent 11+ years in school being told we were stupid unless we learnt a string of dates, facts & learnt how to do things the way others do.
Don't keep stumbling through life!
Is it time you joined the dots and got your life back on track?  A life lead by your heart (not your logical head).
Don't get me wrong we need logic, we need to analyse things too. But we can make decisions through our intuition without all the hours of thinking, worrying and driving yourself made with your own thoughts!!!
I love meditation! It is one answer to helping open the door
But we don't all have hours free to meditate in our busy lives!
I try and meditate when I have time, but seriously who of us has time to meditate for 2 hours a day?
There are lots of intuition courses out there...
Few of them go past telling about how to access the intuition. You may have deep blocks which are stopping you accessing your intuition, which you can't remove on your own!
Eloise Ansell
Lover of cats, dancing and cuddles!
Hi, I am Eloise...
I have worked with 100's of clients and students around the world. Helping them clear their blocks to upgrade their lives and heal their soul.
“Her sincerity and dedication towards her community is remarkable and always refreshingly pure!” Zineb, Morocco

“Eloise is so very articulate and descriptive when putting points across. They [people] would come away with confidence, assuredness, awareness and a more caring, giving and happy experience.” Debbie, UK

“I am so pleased that I signed up for the course, and I feel really grateful to you Eloise for having the intuition, love, and creativity to put the sessions together for us. ” Lisa, London
"I love this course.
Eloise has created a structure that allows accessibility and immediacy to one's own intuition in a deceptively simple way.
The bonus really helps you to tune in on another level." Deb, UK

Imagine what life would be like if you were lead by your intuition?
Imagine waking everyday feeling safe & secure in the world. Ready to take on the day knowing your internal sat nav would guide you through any decisions.
11 Keys to upgrade your intuition mini course
11 key distinctions & tips for listening & trusting your intuition
3 healing sessions to clear common blocks to accessing your intuition

- Clear common blocks to access your intuition and trust it
- Get lots of everyday tips on accessing it, plus clear distinctions which help you understand it
- Listen anywhere, at any time to the sessions & tips - whilst relaxing! (That is mandatory - maybe in bed!?)

What you will receive via email:

1. Video covering the 11 Keys to upgrade your intuition
2. Three healing sessions delivered via audio
You can rinse and repeat and dive through the content again, and again to release many layers of blocks!
First 100 people to sign up get access to a bonus audio!
(And no I won't tell you what it is... but it is cool!)
Lifetime access to the video & sessions means...
Anytime you feel you are loosing connection to your intuition - dive back in, revisit the video and reconnect with your intuition basics again.
Plus if you ever wake up feeling your intuition is blocked you can revisit the healing sessions and get another layer of blocks cleared away!
You will always have access to this little gem of a mini course to help guide you along your path.
11 Keys to upgrading your intuition mini course
This mini course costs only
Plus first 100 to sign up get the special bonus.
  • Access the 11 keys to upgrade your intuition video
  • Receive 3 healing sessions to unblock access to your intuition
  • Come back time and again to clear more layers - just save the emails/links!
How will the healing sessions work?
Hard to explain in detail without training you to be me!! But I have been doing distance healing sessions via audio for years, plus running group healing sessions (also via audio) for many years and it works really well. We are all human, so we all have common issues we can address. I tune into the group collective energy (of everyone ever who will listen to these sessions) and see what the group needs to address. In this way I cover the needs of everyone in one way or another.
The bonus is I can also set the sessions up to work on your individual particulars too... lets say we have to address fear in life - well we may all experienced fear from a different event, or felt it in different ways. I can tune into the group but allow the sessions to work through your particular issues around a theme. Many people say the group healing sessions felt like they were designed just for them!
When you listen to the sessions is when the magic happens, so just sit back and relax and the sessions will do their thing. You will take from them what you need. And you can listen to them multiple times whenever you want to release another layer.
Do I have to believe they will work?
Not not really! You will take from them what you need, no more, no less. Just try them and see!
I have worked on many sceptics over the years, they are the most fun to convert! :D
How long will I have access to the sessions & video?
As long as you keep the email with the links you can sign back in whenever.
How will they be delivered?
Everything will come via email and you will have access to webpages with the video & sessions.
The sessions will be sent out a day or so apart from each other, so you have time to integrate each one.
How long are the sessions & video?
The 11 keys video is just under an hour in length. Each session audio will be around 10-15 mins in length.
“I enjoy so much the shifts that it feels like l am being much more supported by the universe than ever before. Working in synchronicity with your own life, is magic and it happens only if you believe in it!
I hope to carry on shinning and wish you the same 🙂
Love & light”
Pat, Brighton UK
"Thank you thank you thank you! This was absolutely amazing, I am so grateful.  Just what I have been needing. Has realeased so much. I'm feeling super hungry! My stomach been gurgling all morning.  Just done the session.  I have just moved and possibilities are endless,  just believing I can do it and im worth it. Feeling great.
Many blessings super appreciative"
Katrina North - New Zealand
11 Keys to intuition mini course
This mini course costs only
Plus first 100 to sign up get the special bonus..
  • Access the 11 keys to upgrade your intuition video
  • Receive 3 healing sessions to unblock access to your intuition
  • Come back time and again to clear more layers - just save the emails/links!
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